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Interior Designer Sue Innes with clients

Why engage an Interior Designer?

An Interior Designer is a degree qualified professional who is trained to think creatively and spatially.  This training allows them to see an overall picture including aspects that clients may not have considered.  

A skilled Interior Designer has the expertise to tease out your priorities and desires, help you navigate the decisions required for your build or renovation and importantly, help you stay within the budget you've allocated.  

Engaging an Interior Designer will save you time, increase the value of your home and minimise the risk of making costly mistakes.  


& creativity to bring your ideas alive!

Designer or Decorator

Let's clear up some confusion

There are two elements to any successful interior... Design & Decoration.  I specialise in Design.


The design aspect focuses on the ‘hardscape’ of an interior.  Hardscape refers to everything on the inside of the building that’s ‘nailed down’.  This covers elements like kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, appliances, lights & plumbing fittings.  Interior DESIGN is the art of making sure the framework of the interior (the 'bones' if you like) is put together in a functional and practical way that most suits the lifestyle and needs of my clients. 


While I give furniture and artwork placement consideration in my design work, I refer my clients to skilled Interior Decorators, or they can choose their own that they'd like to work with.  Some of my clients prefer to bring their own creativity to their interior with the decoration aspect.  

How I work

Whether your project is one or more rooms, a complete home, or an entire project development, I will draw on my 20 years of experience to take your design dream and turn it into reality. I work on new builds, as well as renovations and refurbishments.

As your designer I consider how your interior spaces relate to each other, and how they are likely to be furnished & lived in. For a new build, it’s most advantageous if I’m involved at the planning stage.  If you already have architectural or builders plans in play, I can also review them. The insight of an interior specialist can identify minor adjustments which yield major improvements.

A fully integrated interior design covers the 'hardscape' aspects mentioned above, as well as these key areas:

  • Finishes including paint colours, bench tops, laminates, tiles and flooring;

  • Cabinetry items – study areas, robes, tv units, bookshelves etc;

  • Electrical and lighting layouts

Of course, all these need to be documented so that architects, builders, contractors and you (the client) know what needs to happen. 


Documentation is such a crucial aspect of a designer’s work. These documents translate the design we create together into the builder’s language so that they can successfully bring your interior to life.  


To see more detail about the steps I take working with my clients, click on Designer's Process.  If you'd like to see examples of my previous work, click the projects button.  If you're ready to meet and start working on your project, click HERE.

How I work
Fees and Pricing

Interior Design Pricing

No two design projects are the same. Each one has unique challenges and details, so I don't work on a "one size fits all" basis. Instead I provide an fee estimate tailored to each and every project.

This starts with a detailed scope of works with each estimate.  Once the project commences I track my time carefully against it.  When it comes time to pay, I only charge you for the time I've actually used.  If my time comes in at less than my original estimate, you'll pay less.  

There are a couple of things you can do that will help you stay on budget. 

Tell me everything

Communicate as much as possible up front so that I can make sure everything is included.  This way there are no surprises and the original estimate will be extremely accurate.  ​

Stick to the plan

Less changes mean less extra work needed to make sure you get the result you're looking for.    ​

Be decisive

My role involves presenting options and recommendations.  Your role is to be actively involved in making the decisions.  If you do this efficiently, it will save us both time and you money.  

Of course, it's not possible to predict everything.  Often projects evolve during the process. If the scope of works requires revision, I will provide an updated estimate to suit. Effective communication between both parties is key to having us on the same page, working as a team.  


My preferred approach is collaborative, whether that is in partnership directly with clients, or builders and architects that I have developed strong relationships with.  


In my 20 years in the interior design field, I have been very fortunate to have worked together with some highly regarded (and award winning) architects and builders. I’ve found these collaborations to be a rich and rewarding part of my interior design work.  

I regularly work with Skyring Architects and Rycon Constructions, designing the interiors for many of their projects.  You can read some detailed endorsements of my work with them at this link. You can also see other testimonials from clients I've worked with directly on the same page.

I’m always excited to have the opportunity to work with more architectural studios, builders and developers.  If you’re interested in discussing a partnership for your next project, please get in touch.  

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