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My Design Process

Design Consultation

Interior Design Consultation.png

First, we meet. 

I prompt.  You talk.  I listen.  

Together we formulate your design brief, so that we all know what our starting point is. You let me know what you’re hoping to do with your project and I will help tease out the important details that we’ll need to cover.  

Importantly, this stage is also where we decide whether we’re going to make a good team.  We'll be working together on one of the most important projects you'll probably every undertake, and we must both feel that we'll be compatible partners.  I want you to trust that I am focused on the best outcome for your project and this is one way to ensure our communication is strong from the outset.  

Scope & Estimate

Based on what you’ve discussed with me at our initial meeting, I'll provide an estimate of what it will take to bring together all the elements of your design. 


This document will cover a definition of the scope and the spaces that will see my designer’s touch applied. 


Once you’re clear on what is covered and what isn’t, and you’re happy with the estimate, you sign on the dotted line, and I can begin working with you. 

If you’re looking for more info about my fees and pricing you can find it here

Interior Design Scope & Estimate.png

Concept Design

Interior Design Concepts.png

Creative genius begins here! 

With the formalities over, I get to work applying my creativity and design talents to your project. I take each interior space and draw it up to scale so that I can develop numerous ideas for you to consider. 


I can work with your Architect or Builder (if you have one) on ways to enhance their design and to maximise your spaces for practical use. 

A full presentation of the possibilities is given to you and from here we make final plans. 

Design development and documentation

I now take the initial designs I provided to you at the concept stage and incorporate your feedback and ideas to create the fully developed interior design you are after.  


Once we reach agreement on these, I move on to putting together your final package of drawings and schedules to provide to your qualified builder for construction or pricing. 

Interior Design Drawings & Documentation


Interior Design Delivery & Onsite.png

Once this package is complete and ready for construction, my work here is done. 

Except that sometimes it’s not. 

Once a project is under construction there can be further issues that you’d like my opinion on. Having my input will ensure that the design intent we have worked diligently on together is not lost. I am always willing to assist you or your builder and tradespeople during the construction phase.


Since I can’t estimate this extra work at the beginning, I will work with you on a simple hourly rate agreement and we will discuss this prior to starting any additional work. 

If you think this process suits how you would like to work with your designer, 
get in touch and we can organise your initial consultation by clicking here. 
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